Gemini Twins

This is our first spring in our new house. I’m still learning the rhythms of nature here. Still discovering the beings that also call this little space home. Every morning Isaac and I (or Matt) head down to the back yard, so he can take care of his puppy dog business. We see all kinds of creatures - squirrels, rabbits (lots of babies right now!), crows and various song birds. In the evenings I like to sip an herbal tonic on the back deck and watch the sun lower just west McAfee. That’s when I see bats, an occasional racoon, and hear the robins giggle just as the light fades into darkness.

One morning when we first moved here we spooked three does snoozing down in the ivy. Something I didn’t expect to find in our little urban space. Back at the farmhouse we were used to the herd of 15 that had a routine daily traveling pattern. We were used to watching fawns nurse in tall spring grass and call for mom when she’d been away too long.

Those are the magical moments I love, that I dreaded missing when we moved into town. It is nature’s rhythms that ground me, make me feel whole and a part of a bigger story beyond my own. Where I find alignment and my truest source of self.

Changing spaces on earth did not fade this for me. It made me realize that my awareness is engaged in nature, that no matter where I am, I am whole.

As Isaac and I were out one recent morning, I sat at the edge of a garden bed to pick through weeds while he collected olfactory data. From my periphery I noticed something down at the end of the yard in the ivy moving around. Larger than a rabbit, but quieter than a cat or dog. We both sat, still as stones in the morning light, waiting to see what would emerge. To our delight, a pair of twin fawns just hours old and still wobbling appeared at the edge of our yard.

For days they stayed in the safety of the pines and ivy - secluded from the noise of urban existence. As Matt and I were working in the garden, the fawns began to bleet for mom. Just moments later she tore down into the yard, ears perked and eyes searching. We snuck quietly back inside, letting her nurture in solitude.

The following morning as I was out on the deck for my morning meditation. The doe appeared quietly, slowly making her way around a few shrubs. With a bob of her head a fawn appeared and began nursing. The fawn’s legs spread wide, stablizing her tiny body. Her little tail flicking with seeming joy as she nursed her belly full. The doe licking and nuzzling her the entire meal. When she finished nursing, the doe walked back to the edge of the fence and waited for the fawn to bed down. The doe jumped the fence and waited once more for the fawn to bed down. She’d take a step, and look back. Not leaving until her little babe was safe and settled.

These twin fawns arrived just as the moon was shifting new and settling into Gemini. As I pulled the lovers card, ruled by Gemini. I lay in bed and listen to them take turns calling for mom; these two, all legs and lungs. My cells vibrating with instincts. I’ve been meditating a lot on what it means to exist as a female. On creative energy. On our innate nature to nurture. On love. All of this, manifesting into this moment.

fawn and doe behind trees fawn sleeping in ivy twin fawns walking in yard fawn peeking behind branches twin fawns in ivy