The truth is just that I care. I can’t not care. I don’t know how.

The moments between the breath. The silence between calls and texts, where memories bubble to the surface and I let them drip down the pane/pain in my mind and absorb into the atmosphere. Starting new, clean and clear.

A long road this winding place that began before words could fall from my tongue or enter my ears. I knew it all then. Everything unfolding around me, out of me. I was there, with you, when it was dark and heavy and scary and uncertain. When your feet lost their ground. In the evenings when you stared into the darkness out of your window with fear of losing me, I was there too. I saw all of it from where I was.

Our words get tangled and bad decisions blur what’s true, but the truth is that there’s a cord between you and I that goes beyond the noise of this world. And in the emptiness I feel it. In the space between my heart beating, breath breathing, noise hearing, words speaking. I am there. And so are you.