Where Rosemary Flourishes

When we moved into our new home in January of this year our little Rosemary bush made the move along with us. At the time I thought it was quite a large Rosemary bush; little did I know. Now, just 8 months later it’s probably four times the size that it was then. Under the energy of the full moon, I pruned some of the branches, creating a little structure and harvesting the clippings. I bound 4-5 branches in cotton string and hung them to dry in our laundry closet, where I left them for several weeks. Despite being rather small, the laundry closet has turned out to be the perfect place to dry herbs. This is also where I dry my chamomile and any seeds I’m saving.

Once completely dried I combed through each branch by hand, breaking every leaf from the woody stem and sifting through any debris. With hands covered in the aromatic oils I was nearly lost in euphoria of the scent and the process. My quart of dried Rosemary is infused, not just with fresh flavor, but with love and wonder, and with all the wildness that crossed over each branch as it pushed upward toward the call of the moon.

This Rosemary will become tea and will likely make its way onto Rosemary Lemon Roasted Potatoes (just in time for the holiday season). If I’m working toward Yang energy (during the follicular phase, or first half of my cycle) it seems to resonate the most in a tea blend. Combined with chamomile, blue lotus, and Raspberry leaf I find it quite magickal. And while I don’t have any documentation to back up this theory, I do feel that Rosemary warms and energizes my blood.

An old English saying goes, “Where Rosemary flourishes, the Woman rules”, believing that Rosemary only really flourished under the watchful eye of a powerful woman. I quite like this idea.

quart jar of dried Rosemary rosemary-3.JPG dried Rosemary on plate next to bundles of Rosemary