In motion, be like water... at rest, like a mirror. Resound like the echo; Be subtle, as though nonexistent - Tao Proverb

us in our garden

I live in Roanoke, Virginia with my husband and our rescued pup, Isaac. We are both designers and developers, operating our own digital development studio.

I have been actively gardening since 2016 and am primarily self-taught through books, various online courses, and experience. I have been caring for (and connecting with) animals of all sizes my entire life and cannot imagine my existence any other way.

As a certified 200hr hatha-vinyasa yoga instructor, I teach regularly in our community. I am deeply interested in the use of movement to connect to the subtle body and how this allows us to map our own healing processes.

This blog is a means of sharing my own experience, reflections, and observations of existence. I hope to inspire others to embrace the power and beauty of health and spiritual sovereignty.