I, Shakti


I, Shakti

Standing in Vrksasana with Garuda mudra along the edge of Roanoke River.

I cycle with the moon. We run in parallel, she and I.

I see her as I back bend pre-dusk, watching me over the roof; both waxing onward.

I see her in the evenings, glowing through the crack in the curtains, straight into my pupils dialated in the dark.

She is a force. I am a force.

Day 21 and I'm filled to the brim with Shakti. Divine feminine, creative power consumes me. Who am I now; creator.

I sip blood-hued tonics and delight in the endless layers of beauty around me. I am drunk on my own light. Euphoric.

Planting seeds and pulling weeds, singing ancient poetry all the while. The crows answering a divine call from pine perches. Guardians of my garden. This is alignment.

Day 28 we're filled and glowing and our power moves all the water. Svadhishthana. Pulling cup cards from the tarot day after day after day.

Day 29 I'm hungover from the trip. Now waning. Settling. I'm soft and calm. Turning inward.

I feel reborn and pure. Joyful and knowing. Living to the rhythm of the next phase. Cultivating the beginnings of creation once more.








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