Spring Freeze


Spring Freeze

Our garden beds wrapped and cozied, armoured against three nights of late spring frost warnings.

Gardening is an endless conversation with nature. Forever being humbled by a force much greater than myself. Forever learning this waltz. She steps, I step... maybe one day it will look prettier.

It's May and this is the third night here in Southwest Virginia that we're covering our garden. The beds are completely full with 15 or more varieties of vegetables and herbs. All of which me or my dad started from seed. My tomatoes, nurtured from seed started in March, have truly seen better days. We're covering everything with borrowed (much gratitude!) tarps and moving blankets. It's working with bricks and strategic arrangement; perhaps one day i'll upgrade to proper row cover.

The mild winter led to a wicked Spring. Wet, cold, and windy beyond compare. Whatever nature is balancing, she's working hard at it. Discomfort is nature's way of moving the unmoveable, eh.

Soon the sky will glow and the earth will warm. The pale leaves will brighten as they absorb color out of the sky; bouncing green back, to give my retinas something to get excited about. They'll flourish once more. As we all do, enouraged by the light.





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